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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Blood, tears and... no, actually just tears

As you all know, I am currently engaged in a cooperative novel writing process and I feel this one will be a bestseller with all the potential ;>

That does not stop me from editing my NaNo novel, though. A horrible process, but it must be done. I want to finish the editing by the middle of May, so that I could use my coupon at CreateSpace and have 5 copies printed.
So I am fighting with it, biting my tongue to stop from swearing and I am slowly making progress.

I am using this little, but very helpful online tool:
This is extremely effective at pointing out the abuse of
- adverbs
- weak words
- passive voice
- clichés

I don't use the other options, but they do seem useful.

My greatest weakness is passive voice.
Therefore, I have purchased this:
And I have fallen in love with that book.
At the thought of using that book my heart not only skips a beat, it skips an entire cord.

I have no interest whatsoever in advertising those two things, the authors don't even know I exist.
But for all you out there, who are struggling with editing your work as I am, they might prove useful.
And that would be absolutely great :D

The one other thing that my book is missing is a cover.
Currently I am in the process of forcing asking my fiancé to make one for me as he did make an amazing one for The Undefeated John Rile.
Keep your fingers crossed for me, cause I really want him to do that for me :D
I hope I will soon have something to show off here :D

And now back to crying editing my novel -_-'


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