Do you want to be a writer? Do you want to write a book people would like to read? I know I do. And on my quest to create a readable book, I have learned many tips and tricks and gained some valuable knowledge on the does and don'ts in writing. I'd love share all that with you.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Things to do when editing a novel

Just a short and ever-growing list of some things to do when you have a first draft of your novel to edit:
  • learn how to cook dishes that take hours to make and minutes to eat
  • bake cupcakes
  • engage in writing a cooperative short story that currently has 150k + pages and has evolved into a novel 
  • plot how to make a figure of Slenderman and how to place it outside the window at the office, so that the first person to open the blinds has a solid scare (give up on that idea when you realize that it might have painful consequences for you)
  • find a new TV show to watch (for example, all seasons of The Band of Brothers)
  • find all the combinations in Alchemy Classic
  • with your friends from work start an amateur music band, plan and attend rehearsals (be a chorus singer who can't sing - the world needs more of those ;P)
  • create your own writing thesaurus 
  • design playlists so that you can listen to your favourite songs in 30+ combinations that best suit your mood
I am open to suggestions what other things I could do, so feel free to mention them in the comments ;>
And btw. I am not joking :D


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