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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Take a breath...

I have honestly not realized that it has been so long since I have posted something.
I have not realized, because my life has became hectic and filled to the brink with work and things I had to do after work.
And now I have even signed up for an online course at the Dale University.

As if I didn't already feel, that I have no time for sitting back and taking a breath, no time to relax.

I wish I had a bathtub instead of a shower, to ease the tension from my muscles by lying in the hot water.
I wish I didn't have a full time job, that consumes so much of my energy, that I feel drained and empty at the end of the day.
The only thing I can count on, to make me feel better is writing, but it consumes time and energy as well.

And I have let this blog slowly drift away, to a place where I no longer thought about it.
And that was plain wrong.
My task for now - is to find time to blog.
So, my dear friends, I hope that I will get to talk to you more often.


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